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About .NET

In July of 2000 Microsoft announced the .NET framework, the most important development since the introduction of Windows in 1991. 

The result of a $2 billion investment, .NET is a revolutionary multi-language platform covering all aspects of application development and closely integrating the Web at every step.

This technology will have a profound impact on the entire computer industry, from wireless devices to Internet appliances, personal computers and large server installations.

An experience unique in the industry

.NET Experts brings you .NET experience unmatched by any other company. The .NET Experts team was selected by Microsoft, more than a year before the public announcement of .NET, to adapt an entire language implementation -- several hundred thousand lines of code -- to the future platform. This culminated in a joint appearance with Bill Gates at the introduction of .NET.

The .NET Experts trainers and engineers have two-years of experience working in depth with all major aspects of the technology: Common Language Runtime, Common Language Specification, Visual Studio.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET and others. They combine this exclusive experience with the benefit of an independent view and comparisons with competing technologies. Our ".NET in One Day" seminar has been given to hundreds of developers and managers around the world; our 5-day hands-on workshops cover in depth all the key components of .NET.

For all your .NET needs, from training to consulting and strategic advice, use .NET Experts as your central source of .NET services.


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